Start your e-commerce business without huge investments / office setup / experience

You Just Need a Laptop, Internet & a week’s time

The E-Commerce industry contains a lot more functionalities as it starts with proper product research to product delivery.

In this workshop, I am going to give you a clear picture of where you need to start, what documents you need, how you can take it to the next level, and surprisingly how much budget you need to start the E-commerce business from the comfort of home without any office setup

Nivetha Muralidharan
Nivetha Muralidharan

E-Commerce Specialist

18-DEC-2021 (SAT) | 7 PM – 9 PM

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18-DEC-2021 (SAT) | 7 PM – 9 PM


Business Opportunity On Ecommerce Marketplace


Why people fail in Business ?


90% of Small Manufacturers think “Creating Own Online Brand” is only for big companies, needs huge investment and very difficult.  

“If you not creating your own brand(product), then you are losing the opportunity to Sell Your Product to crores of customers across India”

(At last, you will only sell other brands who get 5X margin and you get stuck with low margin)


Most wholesalers/ Retailers think “Online Retailing” is too technical, and it’s not part of my business or need to hire extra team(technical). 

“Break your traditional mindset, Or else you lose an online opportunity to sell across India and will end up with competing local market, with low sales and low margin”

(At last you stuck with long credit period and following pending payments )


Most Aspiring entrepreneurs think “E-commerce Business” needs a lot of time, own website, servers and in-depth product knowledge.

“Change your thought today or else you lose an Online Business Opportunity and your business ideas will just be a dream”

(At last, You will waste your time, money & effort and fail to build brand base business).

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What will you learn in the 2 Hours of Live Webinar?

All the important steps involved in E-Commerce Business from scratch

Before you start an online business (step by step guide) these structured updates which you won’t find easily anywhere online, will help you to kick start your e-commerce business. (Even industry expert, consultant, and well wisher don’t know about it)

I will show how to find the profitable winning product which sells faster on E-Commerce Business

Even some of the Big e-commerce Sellers don’t know this secret! ( It’s hard to find the winning products or revamping your existing product )

How you can convert others product as own private label (Brand) which gives you 5X profits

Before you start a online business (step by step guide) these structured updates which you won’t find easily anywhere online, which help you to kick start your e-commerce business. (Even industry expert, consultant, and well wisher don’t know about it)

How you can find the reliable supplier

I will show you how you can find reliable supplier who provides you with the required stocks on time even if it is minimum order (you can do e-commerce Business in minimum investment)

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Nivetha Muralidharan

Founder at Newgenmax and Nivetha E-academy

As I had handful experience in e-commerce by then, I started to help few friends and new sellers to sell their products online. I was soon able to guide many sellers, by building their business and increasing their sales. I got lot of positive feedback which gave me satisfaction and motivation to help others this way. Eventually, this expanded my business and gave way to starting a consulting agency with a website.

Now, I handle clients from India, Mauritius, England, Spain, and the US with a team of 50+. I follow only one simple formula in life, that is, things will happen on its own if we are ready to learn and work towards our goals.


People Who Want to Sell Their Own Product Or Others Product Online E-Commerce

Are you a Manufacturer who would like to create your retail brand in the online marketplace, expand your products globally, get exponential growth, to become a top brand in the industry? (Know the potential opportunity of your manufacturing product)

Are you a “Wholesaler” who would like to create your retail brand by doing white labelling in the online marketplace, and kick start your retail brand with a high margin, where you get daily cash flow? (Know the potential opportunity of your industry)

Are you a “Retailer” who would like to start an online business to increase your daily sales and expand your business across India? (Know the top product of your industry)

Are you an “Aspiring Entrepreneur” who would like to start an Online E-Commerce business, Know the winning product, Know How to build a brand based product, know more about the industry, know about current & market trends? (Get clear clarity before you spend on something)

If you are any of above then this Workshop is Perfect for you



Access to the live workshop & Interactive Q & A sessions with me (Ask Me Anything)

Worth ₹ 1999


Get full “E-Commerce Sellers Tools pdf” After the workshop.

Worth ₹ 299


Join our Exclusive club to get latest updates on e-commerce business
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Total value ₹ 2997

Here is My “Crazy” Guarantee

I give you a 100% guarantee that you’ll love this 2-hours workshop or I’ll return your money and let you keep all the bonus anyway (No questions asked 100% money-back guarantee). Just email me your receipt and, I’ll give you back your money with no questions asked. Sound fair?

Note: No recordings are provided of the workshop to ensure every registrant attends the workshop live and get the best out of the workshop

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